Step-by-step strategies from attracting the right people to building a cohesive team culture. In-depth modules on every stage of building a remote team: benefits, drawbacks, mistakes from our own experience and best free tools used for every step.


What is a Distributed Team?

Remote or distributed?

Why build a remote team?

Benefits & Drawbacks

       Part 1
       the right people

Part 2
Set up interviews and meetings

       Part 3
        KROW strategy

Part 4
   Build a cohesive
  team culture


Part 1: Attract the right people

The first step is to find passionate people who are looking for new opportunities. These people should value and understand the opportunity of learning by experience.

Part 2: Set up interviews and meetings

You are now at the stage with 20-30 candidates, and you will have to assess their answers as objectively as you can. We suggest you invite all candidates to an interview and give everyone a chance.


Part 3: Implement KROW strategy

The short answer is that KROW stands for Key Results per Objective Weekly. A popular management strategy for goal setting within organisations.


Part 4: Build a cohesive team culture

The secret behind the world’s best companies is hidden in their strong teams. Using a new management philosophy that teaches people to care personally while challenging directly will drasticaly increase your business performance.

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