Kristin Park

| Chicago, USA

When I first saw the ad for a copywriter, I was unsure of what to think. I had done a lot of unpaid work in the past when I used to work in TV. It didn’t move me in the direction I was hoping to go, so I was leery of everything that was sold as a “volunteer” position.

Knowing that I needed experience if I wanted any hope of getting a job in marketing, I emailed them my answers to the application questions and waited. The selling point was the possibility to work remotely and without specific hours. After signing on and having both type and spoken conversations with in-house FluidHosting staff as well as my fellow remote workers, I couldn’t be happier.

As someone trying to make a career change and needing something I can do from anywhere, this has been perfect. I’ve learned how to use software and tools for project management, communication, ideas, etc. I’ve also been lucky enough to have a lot of agency within each project I’m responsible for. I can honestly say that I genuinely feel like part of a team now and talk to my coworkers about business and non-business topics.

The positive attitudes and encouraging words have been great for my confidence as I try something new. There was definitely a learning curve, and there are still some things we are working out, but now we work them out as a team. Everyone is very receptive to feedback.



Sommerville Lombard

| Warmbad, South Africa

I was a teacher for 15 years, I then changed occupation to a Virtual Assistant so that I could have more free time for my children.

I found The Project in a shared post in one of my VA Facebook Groups.  I decided to apply as it sounded interesting. I was intrigued by the 30 days volunteer/internship idea. I was craving an interesting and fun way to learn a new skill with purpose.  The graphic was also in my favourite colour and designed differently to others I usually see.

I was chosen to take part in The Project in the Digital Marketer position. I have been thoroughly enjoying learning and gaining valuable work experience.  I cannot thank The Project enough for giving me this awesome opportunity.

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